Madhubani bijli office contact number


There are two electricity offices in Madhubani district, Bihar, India. The first is located in Jhanjharpur and the second is located in Jainagar. The contact information for both offices is as follows:

Madhubani bijli office contact number

Fuse call center Madhubani 9264456414


Place of posting Designation Mobile No. Phone No.
Madhubani EEE, ESD, Madhubani 7763815320
Madhubani EEE Project, Madhubani 7763818397
Madhubani AEE(Project) 7763818713
Madhubani RO 7763818746
Madhubani IT Manager 7368800263
Madhubani AEE, E/S/S/Divn. 7763815224
Madhubani JEE,Madhubani(Rural) 7763814979
Madhubani JEE,Madhubani(Urban) 7763814980


  • Address: Near Jhanjharpur Bus Stand, Jhanjharpur, Madhubani, Bihar 847501
  • Phone: +91-7763818007


  • Address: Near Jainagar Railway Station, Jainagar, Madhubani, Bihar 847524
  • Phone: +91-7763818007

The electricity offices in Madhubani district are responsible for providing electricity to the residents of the district. They also handle customer service inquiries and complaints. If you have any questions or concerns about your electricity bill or service, you can contact the nearest electricity office.

In addition to the two electricity offices, there is also a fuse call center control room located in Madhubani district. The fuse call center control room is responsible for handling fuse-related complaints and inquiries. The contact information for the fuse call center control room is as follows:

  • Phone: +91-7763815320

The fuse call center control room is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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madhubani bijli office contact number

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