junagadh bus stand contact number


The Junagadh Bus Stand, also known as Junagadh ST Bus Stand, is a major transportation hub in the city of Junagadh, Gujarat, India. It serves as a primary departure and arrival point for intercity and interstate bus services. Below, you will find the contact information for the Junagadh Bus Stand:

Junagadh Bus Stand Contact Details:

  • Address: Junagadh ST Bus Stand, ST Road, Junagadh, Gujarat, India.

Please note down Junagadh Bus Depot Contact Number: 0285-2630303 /

Junagadh Bus Depot Phone Number: 0285-2635863.

  • Complaint Number: 0285-2635863
  • Junagadh Bus Stand Enquiry Number: 0285-2630303
  • Suggestions / Feedback Phone Number: 0285-2635863
  • Junagadh ST Depot Manager Contact Number: 0285-2635863

These contact details can be used to inquire about bus schedules, ticket reservations, and other relevant information regarding bus services operating from Junagadh Bus Stand. It is advisable to contact the bus stand directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding bus services and timings.

Please note that the contact information provided is based on the latest available data, and there may be changes or updates. It is always recommended to verify the contact details through reliable sources or by contacting the bus stand directly.

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