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Surya Nutan, an indigenous indoor solar cooking system design, developed and patented by IOC R&D Centre. Surya Nutan is a stationary, rechargeable and always kitchen connected indoor cooking solution capable of catering cooking needs of Indian households.

The Surya Nutan system consists of a solar panel, a battery, and a cooking unit. The solar panel collects sunlight and converts it into electricity, which is stored in the battery. The cooking unit uses this stored energy to heat food, and can be used to cook a variety of dishes.

The Surya Nutan system is designed for use in areas where traditional cooking methods are not practical, such as in urban areas where there is limited access to cooking fuel, or in rural areas where there is no electricity. It is also suitable for use in disaster relief situations where access to cooking fuel may be limited.

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Salient Features:
  • The Surya Nutan is a stationary, rechargeable indoor solar cooker that is always linked to the kitchen.
  • Online cooking is a feature that Surya Nutan offers while charging from the Sun, maximizing system performance and ensuring maximum Sun energy consumption.
  • A removable heat control system on the Surya Nutan allows for the quick release of energy needed for cooking.
  • The Surya Nutan is a dependable cooking option since it operates in hybrid mode (i.e., may use both solar and auxiliary energy sources concurrently).
  • Radiative and conductive heat losses are minimized by Surya Nutan’s insulation design.
    In addition to boiling, steaming, and frying meals, Surya Nutan can also make rotis.
  • Surya Nutan is available in three different models , Surya Nutan L is for Suntime cooking , Surya Nutan LD is for lunch and dinner and Surya Nutan LDB is for all the three meals cooking for family of four.
  • Surya Nutan can be used in all weather and seasons including when the Sun is not available for long durations or for continuous days, such as monsoons and extreme winters.
  • All the safety aspects required in any indoor appliances are inbuilt in Surya Nutan.
  • Surya Nutan is a low or no maintenance system and the product has long life.
  • Surya Nutan is a modular system and can be designed in different sizes as per the requirement
  • Time required for cooking on Surya Nutan is comparable with the time taken when cooked using LPG.


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