Indane gas phone booking number : इंडियन गैस सिलेंडर बुक कैसे करें

Indane gas phone booking number

call 7718955555

or gave miss call on 8454955555

Gas Booking number 7718955555 is the most convenient way to book Indane Gas online. For this, one needs to call from the registered mobile phone at the given number.


Indane Gas Cylinder Online Booking | 

This article covers the INDANE gas online ordering process.

  1. First, go to the website.
  2. Select the first option online.
  3. Enter the registered phone number option.
  4. Enter your password. Click Enter.
  5. A book cylinder can also be purchased.
  6. This will ask you to confirm. It will book a refill and confirm your choice.
  7. A text message and a code are sent to the mobile number.
  8. The code must be entered at the time that the cylinder is delivered
  9. The applicant has the option of both online and cash delivery.

Click the link to see the status of your booking.

SMS to book Indane Gas Cylinder

INDANE cylinders in India have one common number. These are the steps to book refills by SMS:

  1. Mobile users have the option to use the messaging application.
  2. Fill out the number placeholder 771 955 5555
  3. Please provide 16-digit Consumer ID Space UID last 4 digits in Pan or 16-digit Consumer ID Area SV last 4 digits in your subscription voucher
  4. Send this SMS to the registered number
  5. A confirmation message will be sent once the message has been received.
  6. This will show the number of cylinders and expected delivery time
  7. Confirmed booking for the cylinder
  8. You can use this SMS at the time you deliver

Indane Gas Online Reservation Number – SMS/IVRS

State City IVR Number
Andhra Pradesh Vizag 98488 24365
Hyderabad 98488 24365
Vijayawada 97852 24365
Tirupathi 97852 24365
Chittoor 97852 24365
Gujarat Ahmedabad 96243 65365
Rajkot 96243 65365
Surat 96243 65365
Jharkhand Chaibasa 97080 24365
Chatra 97080 24365
Ranchi 97080 24365
Haryana Faridabad 99115 54411
Karnataka Bengaluru 89700 24365
Kaiwara Village 89700 24365
Uchangidurga 89700 24365
Gudibande 89700 24365
Annigere 89700 24365
kaiwara 89700 24365
Alipura 89700 24365
Malur-channapatna 89700 24365
Nallahalli 89700 24365
Sathanur 89700 24365
Nandaguddi 89700 24365
Maharashtra Mumbai 92231 01260
Kerala Kochi 99618 24365
Madhya Pradesh Bhopal 96691 24365
Indore 96691 24365
Jabalpur 96691 24365
Rajasthan Jaipur 97852 24365
Jodhpur 97852 24365
Orissa Baliguda 90908 24365
Bhubaneshwar 90908 24365
Bhugrai 90908 24365
Cuttack 90908 24365
Kabisurya Nagar 90908 24365
Punjab Ludhiana 97813 24365
Union Territories Chandigarh 97813 24365
Tamil Nadu Chennai 81240 24365
Coimbatore 81240 24365
Kadiapatnam 81240 24365
Nagamalai 81240 24365
Kallanai 81240 24365
Pudukottai 81240 24365
Telangana Hyderabad 98488 24365
Uttar Pradesh Noida 99115 54411
Allahabad 87260 24365
Lucknow 87260 24365
Ghaziabad 99115 54411
Agra 87260 24365
West Bengal Amta 90883 24365
Bagda 90883 24365
Hooghly 90883 24365
Howrah 90883 24365
Kolkata 90883 24365
Siliguri 90883 24365

  1. call 7718 955 5554 for refill booking.
  2. This number can be accessed 24×7
  3. Calling 3 will display three language options. An applicant must choose one for English, two for Hindi and three for the local language.
  4. The program will ask for a language choice, then ask if you wish to book cylinders, view the status of cylinders, or other options.
  5. Make a refill booking by clicking on the first option.
  6. An automated voice will tell you your connection number.
  7. A confirmation will be requested.
  8. A Booking ID will be sent to you via SMS once a booking is confirmed.
  9. Use this order ID when you are completing your cylinder.

Not – Candidates must use their registered mobile numbers to call them to book refills of cylinders.

Book Cylinder using Mobile App


  1. Google Play Store offers mobile apps for INDANE gas-cylinder.
  2. This app is a booking tool for online transactions.
  3. You can download this application through the Google Play Store.
  4. Login here with your registered username, email ID and password.
  5. You can book online, check your cylinder’s status, and find out about subvention status.
  6. Make an online booking and proceed to the next stage
  7. The message will ask for confirmation. To refill, please confirm the message.

Indian Gas Connection Subsidy

A few cylinders are given by the government to households for domestic work at a subsidised cost.

  1. The official INDANE website is for gas consumers
  2. You have the option to display my LPG on your homescreen
  3. Click the button
  4. This popup displays a new option, which includes the name and status of your check
  5. There are two ways to check if a subsidised sum has been transferred into your bank account
  6. An applicant can use Aadhar Card details such as the distributor LPG ID and the consumer number
  7. The distributor number and the consumer number can be used to identify the consumer.
  8. This will show the status of the subventioned amount being transferred to the bank account

It is possible for Subsidy money to take some time to clear from a bank account.

iNddiyn gais sileNddr oNnlaain payment

An applicant can pay for the cylinder online. Here is how to pay for an Indane gascylinder

  1. Select your payment method
  2. To book cylinder fills, use the procedure described above.
  3. To make payment, click the button
  4. Enter card details for net banking details
  5. Click on “Pay Now” to pay now. An OTP will then be sent to your bank.
  6. Do not go back and refresh the page while you pay.
  7. The amount due for the cylinder will be due once payment has been made.
  8. Save it to a PDF for future references

Modification to a registered mobile phone number online

To update your registered mobile number, you can use the following information:

  1. For the first time , visit the INDANE official website
  2. To make a refill reservation, click on the service option online.
  3. Login using username and password
  4. These are the details. To proceed, press the button
  5. Logging in will allow you to search for your profile.
  6. To review your details, such as name, address, phone number, email address and so on, click on Edit Profile.
  7. Enter new number or change existing number
  8. An OTP is sent to confirm that the number has been changed
  9. After you have filled in the details, click submit number to modify

The Most Commonly Asked Questions

How much is an INDANE gas cylinder worth?

The tariff rate for INDANE gas will be determined by the current price of LPG. Applicants can view the official website to get an idea of the tariff.

Which documents are required for a new INDANE gas line?

To purchase new INDANE LNG gas you must show your Aadhar card/pan card, voter ID card and voter card.

Is it possible to buy a gas stove from INDANE

There is no requirement to buy a stove made from INDANE gas. Stoves can be sold.

What time does the INDANE gas booking process take?

It takes two days to order Indane Gas.

What is the standard size of a gas cylinder?

INDANE gas comes in standard sizes for both domestic and commercial use. Commercial cylinders weigh 19 kg.


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