How to PF balance check without uan number?


The Indian government has a national scheme called the Employee Provident Fund (EPF). Both the national and state governments encourage all employees to contribute to their EPF. The employer and employee agree to pay a set amount at the beginning of employment. To save for retirement, a portion of the money is put in the employee EPF account. Step-by-step procedure to check EPFO PF Balance Check with (or without) UAN number

EPFO: PF Check Balance with or without UAN Number (PF No).

EPFO (employee provisional fund Organization) pools all funds to help maintain all employee accounts. Even after an employee’s death, the funds provide support for their family members. They receive housing, insurance, and medical services starting at 12% of their salary.

Divide the salary PF deduction so that 3.67% goes to employers and 8.33% goes to employees. The current interest rate on the saved money is 8.75%. No matter if the employee moves to another job, the records of the EPF account remain active. Employees used to have to open new accounts when changing jobs. Many funds were lost by previous employers as a result. These problems were solved when the UAN number was introduced.

PF Check Without UAN Number

PF Balance Check without UAN Number Online on the EPFO Official Website

The PF number can be used by employees to check the balance. However, it is very limited and requires most of the employee’s personal details. Employees provident fund balance check by uan number

  1. Open the EPFO official website .
  2. Click here to check your PF balance (which is a link) on the homepage.
  3. The EPFO page will open and the page indicating member balance will appear.
  4. Enter your state
  5. The EPF office
  6. Your establishment code
  7. Enter the PF account number, name and mobile number.
  8. Click the “I agree” checkbox to confirm your acceptance.

Check your PF Balance with UAN Number

Step-by-step procedure to check the PF balance with uan number passbook

The PF plays a significant role in the UAN number. Using the official website employees can access all the PF services instantly. The UAN number must be activated by the employer to be used. Follow these simple steps to check your pf balance and check your uan number online in under a minute

  1. Visit the link page on EPF’s web site . ( )
  1. Select the ” Our Services” option on the home screen. A menu list will then open.
  2. Select “for employees” to open a new page. Click on the option Member Passbook, which is located under the services.
  3. Click to open a new page. Here, enter your UAN number, password, and captcha code.
  1. Once you have entered the details, make sure to check for any errors and then click on the Login tab.
  2. The system will log you in and give you the member ID.
  3. Click on the member ID you prefer to see all information about the account.
  4. You will also be able to see the PF contributions from both the employer and employee.

What is the EPFO UAN Number (PF Number)?

  • An universal account number (UAN), a 12-digit number that is issued to employees to track their PF, is a 12-digit number. Employers can access the EPF contributions by using the UAN number.
  • Employees don’t need to open new accounts. They can continue to use their existing accounts. The PF can be linked to the UAN, where employees give the number to new employers to contribute.
  • You can also withdraw money from your PF account using this number.
  • Employees can seed their Aadhaar cards to the UAN without having to contact the employers to withdraw services.
  • Employees can access more benefits by using their UAN number to check their balance, statements and contributions.

Balance Check 2021 for Employees Provident Fund

  • There are many ways to check the EPF balance. EPFO offers simple ways to provide for all employees.
  • The EPF website can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection and a smartphone.
  • To access your PF balance, you can use the SMS or missed call method.

EPF Balance Check by Sending SMS

To use the SMS method, one must register the UAN number at the EPFO. The method allows employees to check their PF balances without having to register for an UAN number.

  • Send an SMS to the number 7732998999.
  • Enter the text EPFPHO UANENG
  • You will find the service in English, Tamil and Kannada, Malayalam. Gujarati, Hindi, Bengali, Hindi and many other languages.
  • An employee can speak any language they are comfortable with. “EPFPHO UAN GUJ

How to Check PF Balance by Missing Call

To get your PF balance, the method doesn’t need the UAN number. You will need to register your UAN number with EPFO.

PF Balance Check with Missed Call Number: Make a missed call to 012-229014016 by using your registered mobile number on the UAN portal. If one has all of the KYC details and is registered at the UAN portal, the number will work. You don’t need to keep the UAN number handy to access the service.

EPF Balance Check using UMANG App

Apps that require employees to visit the Google Play Store are more popular on smartphones.

Umang app balance check step-by-step

  1. Go to the google chrome and enter the link
  2. The UMANG app is available for download. It will only take a few seconds.
  3. This service is government-initiated to assist with the PF balance as well as all government services.
  4. After the app has been downloaded, open it and click the tab EPFO in the menu.
  5. Continue to choose the employee-centric service tab.
  6. Enter your EPF UAN.
  7. An OTP was sent to your registered mobile number for the PF account.
  8. Log in now to place your order.

Check EPFO Claim Status Check 2021-2022 Online

There are many options for employees to choose from on the EPF site. You can easily check your statements and contributions. This portal allows you to view the status of your EPF claim.

  1. Visit the official EPF website.
  2. The homepage allows employees to choose the tab “our services”.
  3. Continue to select the “for employees” options and then choose “service”.
  4. The system will open a tab called “know your clam state”
  5. A new page will show:
  6. Enter the required information in two boxes.
  7. First, enter your UAN number.
  8. In the next box, enter the captcha code.
  9. Check the information and then click the search button.
epf claim status without uan number @

To avoid fraud and tempering of accounts, employees should not share login EPF information with their employers. Only UAN numbers activated by the employer are allowed to allow employees access to the PF account. For more information about PF balance check without UAN number visit the link .

  1. How to get PF balance check with no UAN numberThere are three ways to check your PF balance, without a UAN number. You can access the official EPF website by sending an SMS message to 7738299899 or by making a missed call from your registered mobile number to 011-229014016.

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