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Gautami Patil is a renowned Lavani dancer from the Indian state of Maharashtra. Lavani is a traditional folk dance form of Maharashtra that is performed to the beats of the dholki, a percussion instrument. Gautami Patil has gained recognition for her performances in Lavani dance competitions and events.

Gautami Patil was born and brought up in Pune, Maharashtra, and has been passionate about Lavani dance since childhood. She began training in Lavani dance at a young age and has since become a popular performer and teacher of the dance form. Gautami has performed in various cultural events and Lavani competitions across Maharashtra and has won several awards for her performances.

Apart from performing, Gautami Patil is also a teacher of Lavani dance and has trained many students in the art form. She conducts workshops and classes to promote Lavani and to teach the dance form to younger generations.

Gautami Patil is considered one of the leading Lavani dancers of Maharashtra and has contributed significantly to the promotion and preservation of this traditional folk dance form. She continues to inspire and motivate young artists to learn and perform Lavani, thereby keeping this rich cultural heritage alive.

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