Dr. Lal Pathlabs home collection contact number delhi


Dr. Lal Path Laboratories is a premier diagnostic facility in India, providing a comprehensive range of diagnostic services including blood tests, urine testing, radiological tests, and pathology investigations. They provide home collection services for the convenience of their clients who are unable to attend their locations for a variety of reasons.

Dr. Lal Pathlabs home collection contact number delhi

call 011-4423-1234 (Delhi NCR (except Gurgaon))

If you want to use their home collection services in Delhi, call their customer support number at 011-3988-5050 or 011-3988-5800. The customer service representatives can tell you about the many tests offered, their pricing, and how to schedule a home collection appointment.

Dr. Lal Path Labs also has a toll-free number, 1800-11-5225, that you can call if you are in India. The toll-free number can be used to book an appointment for home collection, as well as for any other queries related to their services.

Alternatively, you can also book an appointment for home collection through their website, www.lalpathlabs.com, or through their mobile app. To book an appointment online, you need to provide your personal details, including your name, contact number, and address, and select the tests you want to get done. You can also choose a convenient time slot for the sample collection.

Once the appointment is confirmed, a phlebotomist (a trained professional who collects blood samples) will visit your home at the scheduled time and collect the required samples. The collected samples will then be sent to the nearest Dr. Lal Path Labs center for testing. You can expect to receive the test results within 24-48 hours, depending on the tests performed.

In summary, to avail of Dr. Lal Path Labs home collection services in Delhi, you can call their customer care number or toll-free number, book an appointment through their website or mobile app, and expect a phlebotomist to collect the samples at your home at the scheduled time.

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