CNG pump in Roorkee: CNG refill station in Roorkee


Are you looking for CNG pump in Roorkee? Do you want to reach to the closest CNG Pump in Roorkee?

Here is the best way to find the most detailed information about CNG pump in Roorkee.

List of CNG filling station in Roorkee

We have made a list of CNG Gas Pump in Mysuru along with their address, opening hours with their location


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  • HNGPL CNG Station : HNGPL Company Owned Company Operated Station, NH-58, Adjacent to Bhumanand Hospital, Ranipur Jhal, Haridwar.
  • Auto & Cycle sales : Online HNGPL CNG Daughter Booster Station, BPCL Retail Outlet, Railway Road, Near Bus Stand, Haridwar.
  • Ratandhan Filling Station : Daughter Booster CNG Station, BPCL Retail Outlet, Village Daulatpur, Roshnabad Tehsil, Roorkee, Haridwar.
  • Joshi Petroleum : Daughter Booster CNG Station, BPCL Retail Outlet, Delhi-Dehradun Road, Shalimar, Near Radha Swami Satsang Vyas, Roorkee, Haridwar.





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 Safety Instruction for Visitor in the CNG station

  1. Get down from the CNG vehicle at the entry of CNG station.
  2. Always be alert in the CNG station vicinity.
  3. Switch off your mobile phone prior to getting into the CNG station zone. Mobile phones are forbidden in CNG station areas.
  4. Do not use matches, match box, open flame, or open flame. within the CNG station areas.
  5. Smoking and spitting are not allowed in the CNG station areas.
  6. Please assist in keeping the CNG station clean.
  7. Avoid panicking in the event of an emergency, and keep away from the areas of emergency.
  8. Don’t spread rumors in times of crisis and comply with the directions of CNG station personnel.
  9. Always observe security and security rules at CNG station.

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