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Who is Kim Taehyung ?

Kim Taehyung also known as V is a South Korean artist, musician and record maker as well as an entertainer, artist and musician. In 2021 Kim Taehyung has a total worth of $20 million. Kim Taehyung is famous as a member of the popular South Korean kid bunch named BTS (Bangtan Boys).

He is among the most popular celebrities of South Korea and has a huge fan base at the world scale. In the majority of cases, he has a loyal following with young women due to his charming personality and attractive appearance.

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Kim Taehyung Wiki/Biography – Kim Taehyung Phone Number

Born on the 30th of December, 1995. Kim Taehyung’s ages are 25 years old, which will be 2021. He was born and raised in a well-established family in Seo District in Daegu, South Korea. Then he spent his growing up at Geochang County in South Gyeongsang Province, South Korea.

He enrolled at Changnam Elementary School for his initial tutoring , and then completed his the higher level of tutoring at Korean Arts School, Hongik-dong, Seoul in 2014. From then on when he joined The Global Cyber University, Cheonan, South Korea from where the final exam was completed with a major in Broadcasting and Entertainment. In 2021, he will be looking after the Master of Business Administration in Media and Media from Hanyang Cyber University, South Korea.

Kim Taehyung consistently needed to be a renowned singer and musician in his field of. Since his youth, he’s had an avid passion for music and aspired to be a professional musician in the midst of his school years. With the assistance of his father in pursuit of his career within South Korea. South Korean music and media outlet. Additionally, he took saxophone lessons at the center of school. Following his passing of an audition for singing in Daegu the city, he became a pupil of Big Hit Entertainment.


Real Name Kim Taehyung
Nickname V
Date of Birth 30- 12 – 1995
Age Twenty-five Years (as as of 2021)
Birthplace Daegu
School Changnam Elementary School
Korean Arts School
College Global Cyber University
Hanyang Cyber University
Qualifications Graduation

Kim Taehyung Career – Kim Taehyung Phone Number

Kim Taehyung began his vocation as a lyricist and artist. He joined the popular K-pop group called Bangtan Boys with which he gained notoriety and huge popularity within media outlets. South Korean media outlet.

He also has a huge popularity among fans of online media thanks to his incredible voice and charming charm. He has also composed and co-written famous tunes such as Fun Boys and Holds me Tight. From then on the singer-songwriter released a song called Someone Like You alongside famous singer Adele.

In addition to his singing career He also had his first film debut his appearance in the movie called Hwarang The Poet Warrior Youth which is based on a proven dramatization. He also has an authoritative site for his band titled

He also acted as host on many popular shows, including Show Music Core, Music Bank, Inkigayo, and many other renowned shows. His compositions and sung many well-known songs throughout his career within music in South Korean industry.

Kim Taehyung has won some popular awards for his work in his career in the South Korean music industry. He has been awarded the Soompi Awards twice in his career for the Best Idol actor and Best Choreography in 2018 and in 2019. He also won an award at the APAN Music Awards for Best OST in 2020. He was also selected to Melon Music Awards in 2017. Melon Music Awards in the year 2017.

It is the Korean Media outlet has become among the most popular and mainstream businesses around the globe and stars associated with it make tons of cash worldwide as well. The artist lyricist and well-known member of BTS has earned the majority of money from his work in the fields of singing, music as well as songwriting. He has also made a name for himself in his demonstration career as well.

Kim Taehyung Family

Kim Taehyung has a place that is a very settled family in Seo District in Daegu, South Korea. He is of South Korean ethnicity, and certain people believe that he adheres to the Christian faith since he created an album that featured the Christian worship song by Hillsong.

His father’s surname is. Taehyung who works rancher who provides financial needs to the variety. His mother’s title is Mrs. Taehyung who is a housewife.

Additionally, he has two younger siblings, his sister’s name being Kim Jeong Gyu, and his sister’s name is Kim Eon Jin.

Siblings: Brother –
Sister –
Kim Jeong Gyu
Kim Eon Jin

Kim Taehyung Relationships and Maritial Status

There was some rumors that he was with Korean actress Kim Yoo-Jung following an array of pictures surfaced through online media in January. MSN discovered that photos of V taking the metro were matched to Kim Yoo-Jung’s photos taking the tram, triggering speculation that they were riding traveling on the same metro at the same time.

The fans began to Photoshop additional photos of V Kim Yoo-Jung and V to further confuse the issue In any event there was no evidence to suggest that the two Korean famous names were in the mix. There was even speculation there was a possibility V as well as Kim Yoo-Jung rode the tram at different times and letting the gossip run.

It’s not the first time that a run of V has been in a genuine connection to someone. It is not the first time that the BTS hotshot was reportedly close to a fan who was named “Hi” in 2015, and there was speculation that the two were experiencing a strange relationship. There’s more evidence to support this theory regardless.

V often shared screen shots of the content Hi transferred via internet-based media. He was also shown wearing a ring Hi seemed to have sent to him as a thank you. Hi BTS artist exchanged some gifts with Hi as well as an iPhone that he was spotted in a couple of live streams.

The agents for BTS’s record-breaking mark, Big Hit Entertainment, rejected the allegations. “While the facts confirm that Taehyung and a strange young lady are simply fan and star’s relationship, to the extent we realize they were always failing to date,” reps stated. “We do not have any idea how these news reports came out, but we think that the lady was an outrage at media’s attempts to play her interest. Keep your eyes only on Bangtan Boys’ impending collection all things taken into consideration.”

V has been quiet about his deep-seated benefits after acclaim and praise but he has also addressed his tendencies toward love and connections during Q&A sessions. The singer was given advice on the disintegration of kinship. the singer responded “In the case that you have to apply makeup, do it, but in the event you do not do it, do not. If you think that a person has to be reconciled just acknowledge it and accept the message.”

V Also, V responded to a question regarding the struggle to meet new people. “I comprehend [what you mean]. I’m in the exact same boat,” he composed. “At the point that I was younger I enjoyed visiting and getting to know people who were new to me . . . The thing I’m thinking about is the fact that I’m surrounded by many people who believe me to be “V,” rather than Kim Taehyung. Therefore, I feel that I’ve changed my look because of things like this . . . I’m only able to contact my relatives today.”

The K-pop superstar has revealed his traumatic relationship background. He revealed to people that he was in love with a girl as he grew older and wanted to tell her what he was feeling however, she did not pick up the call when he tried to reach her. At a radio conference, V guaranteed that he has never had a relationship with someone for more than a week.

“I’ve never been in a genuine relationship,” V explained. “All things being equal I was unable to refuse the admission. I believe that’s the reason I’ve never seen anyone for more than twenty days.”

V said to the person asking him questions that the ideal companion is someone who appears cold but actually has an affectionate heart. He also said that his ideal lover would be kind and respectful to her family and would also be able to help in the management of his finances. V made a bold claim to identify English entertainment star Kaya Scodelario as “close” to his optimal kind.

Maritial Status Unmarried

Kim Taehyung Controversies

In a Christmas-themed video uploaded by Jimin, several clasps of the people of the group are shown. In one instance, Taehyung is seen resting on the blue Juul e-cigarette in his head. A large portion of fans were disappointed in Taehyung to use an electronic device. They believed that this was an unjustified order he had to give fans as well as not taking care of his health.

Kim Taehyung body measurement

Kim Taehyung is a keen and attractive person with a charming and attractive personality. He is a huge hit with young women due to his beautiful and attractive appearance. He stands 5 feet and 11 inches tall, as well as his weight is approximately 67 Kg.

He is sleek and dark-colored hair. He also has gorgeous and sparkling dark-colored eyes. He has a strong rhomboid physique with notable body measurement.

Height (approx.) 5 ‘ 11 ”
Weight (approx. ) 67 kg
Figure Measurements (approx. ) – –
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black

Kim Taehyung net worth – Kim Taehyung Phone Number

The total assessed assets for Kim Tae Hyung is 58.3 million US dollars at present. His assets are counted on to increase rapidly since Kim Tae-Hyung has become one of the world’s rising stars of the media.

Kim Taehyung Phone Number, House Address, Contact Address, Email Id

Phone Number +82-574-3068-XXX
WhatsApp Number +82-574-3068-XXX
Residence Address Daegu
Office Phone Number Not Available
Manager Phone Number Not Available
Booking Agent Phone Number Not Available
Email Id Not Available
Official Website Not Available

Kim Taehyung Social Profiles

Instagram Id @btstae
Instagram Follower the number 6.8 Million
Page on Facebook BTS – Kim Taehyung V
Facebook Page likes the amount of 1775541
Twitter Id @kimtaehyung@
Twitter follower number in the Twitter Follower 23.5K

Kim Taehyung Facts – Kim Taehyung Phone Number

  • The most popular tones for him include dark, green shades of purple, dim, and white.
  • The voice of his is low, but powerful however , he is able to easily and without much effort hit high notes.
  • He is able to speak well-known Korean as well as Japanese in the same way as English.
  • His top items are his laptop, clothing and shoes, accessories, and anything else extraordinary.
  • The moment V’s mysterious image was released, five fan clubs were formed.
  • He has a driver’s license.
  • He is the most picky eater out of all of the people.
  • He is famous for his love for jazz and old-fashioned styles.
  • The best example he has is his father.
  • If he has any concerns He relays his concerns to Jimin Jin and Jimin. Jin.
  • His most frequent companion is the entertainer Park Bo Gum. He also has a cosy friendship with entertainment star Kim Min Jae, with whom he filmed the reality show ‘Big Name Bromance’ in the year 2016.
  • The most popular brand for clothing is Gucci.
  • He is regarded as the most elegant of the crowd.
  • He is interested in visual expressions, which includes painting and photography.
  • His most famous aphorisms are “Carry on with life cooly however much you can,” and “Since life happens just a single time, awakening calm in the first part of the day and working to your best capacity is everything thing you can manage.”
  • He is fond of gatherings for events.
  • He can utilize both hands.
  • His family has suffered poverty in the past.
  • The three essentials to happiness are health, family, and respect.
  • He claims that his ideal date involves going to an entertainment venue or a nearby park.
  • The most popular form of skinship involves clasping hands.
  • He is known for his negative habit of chewing his nails.
  • The most popular food he eats is called japchae (Korean Pan-seared Glass Noodles, as well as vegetables).
  • He is always eager to search for dark, great music with his energizing energy.
  • He enjoys the thrill of watching show for kids.
  • He is a saxophone player who loves.
  • He portrays himself as an animal.
  • If he were to have a superpower It’s discussion with vehicles.
  • He is not a fan of wearing shoes.
  • He is a baritone with a voice.
  • He stated that he would like to marry one of his initial love interests. The ideal person is someone who is a good listener and is able to do a lot of Aegyo. He requires someone who is elegant and stylish, and is able to wear fashionable clothes and wide-legged jeans.
  • He is scared of statures.
  • The singer’s Spotify playlist is called V’s Join Me
  • V was selected for among the top 100 beautiful face-to-faces of 2017, placing at the top of the list.
  • V is a fan of the piece of art called “Brilliant Night” from Van Gogh. He has a picture of it in his living room as well as an example of it on his phone.
  • V has the highest number of pets out of all the people (3 canines and two felines). His most recent pet is his dog Yeontan.
  • V mentioned when he was younger when he visited the zoo and was attacked by a chimp.
  • “V”‘s BT21 persona is that of a human heart in red called Tata. He is wearing an emerald-colored blue onesie that has yellow Polka-spots.
  • Tae-hyung had three distinct names for his stage that included V, Six, and Lex. He chose V because ‘V’ is a symbol of triumph.
  • V’s most popular artist has to be John Legend.

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