Brijesh Gautam Astrologer Vikas Puri contact number


Brijesh Gautam Astrologer Vikas Puri contact number

+91 93556 16101

Spiritual Nector of Wisdom

Canada Address – 156, Finn Court, Ottawa, ON, KIV 2C8, Canada

[email protected]

In India, Shri Brajesh Gautam  renowned social worker established a trust in the name of Spiritual Nector of Wisdom (SNOW) in 2022 to connect the common people with their roots. Brajesh Gautam ji is a renowned astrologer, vastu expert and spiritual mentor serving the human kind for over 3 decade. He has helped thousands of people across the boundary like India, UK, Canada, USA, Nepal to come out from stress, depression and mental agony. Mr. Gautam conducts free classes on spirituality on every Sunday for worldwide participants and has transformed the lives of several thousands people across the globe. His classes are easily available on you tube “ The anchor of life with Brajesh Gautam”   Mr. Brajesh also provide mentorship and spiritual classes on demand for the cause of his trust SNOW.

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