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Arvind Kejriwal is one of the most prominent political figures in India. As the Chief Minister of Delhi, he has implemented various policies and initiatives aimed at improving the lives of the citizens. Many people are interested in getting in touch with him to discuss important issues or seek his guidance on various matters. In this article, we will provide you with the contact details of Arvind Kejriwal.

Arvind Kejriwal Contact Details:

3rd level, Delhi Secretariat, I.P. Estate, New Delhi-110002



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  1. Email: You can send an email to Arvind Kejriwal at [email protected]. This is the official email address of the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO). You can use this email address to send your queries, feedback, or suggestions.
  2. Phone: You can also call the CMO at +91-11-23392020. This is the official phone number of the Chief Minister’s Office. You can use this number to get in touch with the CMO and seek assistance.
  3. Twitter: Arvind Kejriwal is quite active on Twitter, and you can follow him at @ArvindKejriwal. You can tweet to him or send him a direct message on Twitter. He often responds to tweets from his followers.
  4. Facebook: Arvind Kejriwal also has a Facebook page that you can follow to stay updated with his activities. You can send him a message on Facebook, and he may respond to your query.
  5. Postal Address: You can send a letter to Arvind Kejriwal at the following address: Chief Minister’s Office, 3rd Level, Delhi Secretariat, I.P. Estate, New Delhi – 110002

It is important to note that due to the high volume of correspondence received by the Chief Minister’s Office, it may take some time for you to receive a response. Therefore, it is advisable to be patient and wait for a few days before following up on your query.

In conclusion, Arvind Kejriwal is a well-known political figure in India, and if you need to contact him for any reason, you can use the above-mentioned contact details. However, it is important to remember that he receives a large volume of correspondence, so it may take some time for him or his team to respond to your query

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